Projects are broken down by:
For Sale – Completed you could be driving this now
For Sale – Project Car do it yourself (diy)
On-going – watch the progress of the restoration; clients can see their restoration change weekly
Up & Coming – for sale but not put into the schedule yet
Various – projects that vary from clean-up, tune-up to custom painting
Past Projects – Project is completed. It may have been for a private owner, for sale, diy. If it is something you’re interested in learning more about or would like to own give us a call and we’ll help you out.

Paint my golf cart blue

What is your favorite color? A beautiful blue paint went on this cruising golf cart. New seats with room for 4 and is ready to roam with these great looking wheels.  More golf cart photos >

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Golf Carts

This is a sharp looking golf cart. New paint, seats and great looking wheels too! Cruising around in this cart will be a good time. More golf cart photos >  

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Motorcycle – custom painted

Our painting skills are not limited to cars, trucks and golf carts. We also custom paint motorcycles and helmets. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Learn more about custom painting here.    

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Golf Carts – custom painted

We also custom paint golf carts. Below are a few photos of the different golf carts we’ve painted. So whether you want a fresh coat of paint, a theme or want your favorite color, we can help you. In the gallery you will see several before and after photos, including 1973 Harley Davidson theme golf cart.

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’62 Chevy Corvair 95

For Sale — 1962 Chevy Corvair 95 This ramp side pickup truck as flat V6, manual transmission, new wiring and new brakes. Call Jason for more information and price 615-419-5910

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